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Friday, January 18, 2019

Good day everyone!
I just would like to share some Simple Tips when you want to plan for your TRIP/TRAVEL.

1) Take picture of your luggage
In case you want to get help from someone else in finding it, just show the picture. 😇

2) Photocopy your important documents
You never know if you might need it in case can't find the originals. Scan/photocopy such as your passport, IC, confirmation letters, tickets & place it separately. You might be able to easily get replacement or assistance in finding the originals with it. 😊

3) Your picture & contact number ~ place in wallet
There are good people out there who wants to return to you if they happen to discover your wallet. Make it easier for them by keeping your picture & mobile number in your wallet! ✌

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  1. Great tips. I would also recommend, when travelling, to get a decent and durable laptop bag so you keep your laptop safe at all times.

    1. Thank you for the additional tips Mel. I agree completely. A durable laptop bag is surely important too..

  2. It is good to be on your blog! great tips thanks for sharing.
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    1. You're most welcomed! Thanks for dropping by. :)
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